Brave Enough Printable Dashboard

Brave Enough Printable Dashboard

Published by Kanani | Studio L2E

If you've been around my shop for awhile, you may have noticed it has been pretty quiet here with new releases and even social media posts. SO MUCH has happened in the past few years and while this post isn't about that in particular, I'll share some other time. In the Studio L2E Creative Haven Facebook group last month I shared a Monday reminder to be brave and bold enough to just try. 

I'm in the process of rebuilding and reigniting the group to hopefully get it to what it used to be prior to Covid, a welcoming creative space where fellow planners and paper crafters can gather to inspire and support one another. 

I'll be sharing more about the season of life I'm in, both personally and with the shop, soon. But for today, I just wanted to pop in really quick with a new free printable download for your planner using the graphic I created for my group post. 

Sometimes we need little reminders in our lives so whether you print the dashboards and put it in your planner or decide to pin it to your inspiration board, just remember... YOU ARE BRAVE!


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