Pastel Potter Shipping

I'm still seeing and receiving emails about orders that were shipped that aren't showing any movement. I'll be going through tracking numbers and emails over the next few days and reshipping any stuck orders.

Stamp Preorder Shipping - Orders placed on or after 7/26

All orders will be out within the next 2-3 days. I should be all caught up on open orders, except for stuck packages.

Important Dates this Month

* will update the calendar soon *

9/4 - Star sticker release that was requested.

9/4 - Star FB Group Sept Calendar freebie

9/7 - Stamp Release Preorder includes restocks

  • this date could tentatively change

  • Restocks - if you have a restock request for this month, please join the Facebook Group for a restock graphic in the shop update post and leave a comment there.

9/13 - FB Group Freebie (will expire 9/30)

9/20 - Sticker Release

Upcoming Important Events

October - 7 Years of L2E Shop Anniversary

  • Details will be posted later this month

November - Annual Sirius Black Friday Sale